Smart approach for the future of interdisciplinary education in business and engineering

Digitization is a dynamic process increasingly dominating all areas of life. Research and development and their application follow the tendency with complex examinations and descriptions of systems, concepts and models, especially in the context of cyber physical systems, digital transformations and digital ecosystems. This conceptual and model world has been extensively analysed interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. The variety of terms and keywords has been clustered and described in a matrix as a support tool for curricular development. Since the topics in other contexts are multi-dimensional, a smart approach in the form of a semantic model is developed from the matrix in the next stage. It is part of the current quality dialogue of digital education of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and several partner organizations in Germany and abroad. The application of the approach will be illustrated with new, regional and international study concepts and offers of interdisciplinary character in the fields of business and engineering education. Perspectives of continuous and systematic development will be explained.

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