Modelo de gestión de la configuración para recursos educativos abiertos generados en repositorios institucionales – Estrategias educativas para optimizar la producción del futuro: hacia el crecimiento y la innovación

The institutions of higher education, have been aware that education is not a purely private matter, but that it should be shared with people who want to access to it, for this reason, universities have been added to their web sites spaces of consultation for your educational community called institutional repositories and also to external people who want to consult and use products which these universities have generated. This research proposes a model of configuration management that allows to realize one of the premises of the REA: reuse and share what others produce, taking control of what it is added to an institutional repository with the information that is uploaded or download, which allows to propose changes or improvements. The proposed model is composed of three stages which are: the beginning, which is where you configure the application, register the metadata and analysis of the historical; Second, the creation and updating of REA, in which the format or media types are identified and discussed whether they are new or generated from previous versions, also it checks the analysis of quality and stored depending on the type of document; finally, control of changes, which is the stage where when it detects that the AREA comes from other products, creates, analyzes and generates an identification that will manage traceability and ultimately cause the process status report.

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