Alternative reality learning education – mock-trials & crisis-simulation games for political sciences at Saint Leo University, 2010-2018

As alternate teaching tools, Business schools routinely apply Gaming to Blended-courses, while Law schools use Mock-Trials to achieve the same real-life effect. In Political Science and International Affairs this trend is reflected in crisis-simulation games and role-playing in Graduate schools out of earlier military war-games, to be reapplied to the study of Model United Nations, international crises and U.S. Presidential politics. Since 2010 Saint Leo University’s Political Science faculty first started to expose students to education gaming based on free-standing Model U.N. at local and regional competitions, followed in 2014-2017 by the Alternative Reality Learning Education (ARLE) project to use Internet resources in multiple-connected special Blended-courses across disciplines (Political Sciences, International Studies, Criminal Justice, Communications and Business) to also teach Pre-Law/Political Science Mock-Trials, U.S. Presidential Elections simulation games and International Affairs war-games (Russia vs Ukraine). Since 2015, on-line teaching shifted to a new university-owned on-line platform D2L/Courses also for campus courses as multi-use skeleton platform for administration (grades, assessments, permanent content-loading) and also integration with an ARLE Administrator for crisis-simulations across multiple inter-disciplinary classes annually in the Political Sciences Minors of “Campaign & Elections”, “Legal Studies” and “World Politics”.

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