Saint Leo University’s Renaissance: mixing on-line, blended courses, gaming to teach American politics, international affairs

Saint Leo University since 1997 has enhanced teaching excellence and standardization at both its
traditional campus and non-traditional Distance Centers by evolving new academic technologies for Online, Blended and traditional courses. In three cycles (1997-2005, 2005-2015 and 2015-now), parallel models of academic experimentation developed new on-line technologies (with platform provider BISK) for both non-traditional students at its Centers and attract new students to its 8-weeks on-line courses, while using audio-visual technologies and standardization in campus classes. By 2005, the switch to a university-owned on-line platform (Learning Studio leased from Peterson) standardized both on-line and campus teaching with 8-weeks Master Syllabi and Internet resources for campus and Blended-courses, while redeveloping university-owned on-line courses-content (PIE, outcomes, assessments). Since 2015, on-line teaching shifted to a new university-owned on-line platform D2L and redeveloped courses, while imposing D2L also on-campus as multi-use skeleton platform for administration (grades, assessments), permanent content-loading and Blended-courses. Finally, while Business courses routinely apply Gaming to Blended-courses, since 2015 this was also introduced in some Political Sciences courses to teach U.S. Presidential Elections and International Affairs.

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