Red internacional de integración cultural de estudiantes de educación básica

The paper describes a project designed to create an International Social Network, initiative facilitated by the Rotary Club of Concepción-Chile, and the Distance Education Program of the Universidad de Concepción-Chile, in conjunction with some Rotary Clubs in the international arena, and universities associated with each Rotary Club (Perú-Arequipa, Ecuador-Quito, Bolivia-Tarija; Chile-Concepción).
The project in his phase of pilot is oriented to put in contact students from eight basic schools (two schools per city/country) who will discuss in a free environment different topics related to culture and values. The main idea seeks to think about the importance of the formation of values in the young person and emphasize and promote the fundamental principles of Rotary International (Ethics, Friendship, Service and Peace among countries).
The principal aims of this experience will be to provide the students opportunities to develop an intercultural conscience, interacting with pairs of other schools and countries, realizing activities such as: videoconferences, synchronous and asynchronous communications, group tasks and discussions, using an educational web platform specially design for this purpose; That our young students think on the importance of the values in the formation of the person, who practice the friendship in a global context through communications; Emphasizing the self-knowledge, the observance of ethical standards, the practice of the ideal of serving, understanding, good will and peace among human beings. A complementary component to the human resource that will characterize the project refers to the technological infrastructure based on Internet that will be used as a platform to deploy the diverse activities of the project. This form of interaction will give the accent of nearness, equity, relevancy and efficiency to the community: students, tutors, academic supervisors and technicians teams.

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