Diversity & inclusion scholarship in online higher education

In the higher education world, Diversity and Inclusion has been playing an increasing important role. Universities all over the world need to prepare professionals that upon graduation are fully prepared to address all multicultural, multi-generational, and other challenges created by a diverse workforce driving our global marketplace. To be fully prepared and, at the same time, aligned with the requirements from different accreditation bodies, institutions need to foster their faculty and student pools to constantly get involved with scholarship. In higher levels, such as master and doctoral programs, faculty credentials need to include conference presentations and articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Doctoral students also need to show their capability of preparing not only their dissertations but also do high quality research and develop scholarly works.
This article describes a proposal of a methodology that can be used by different online institutions to
engage and foster faculty and students to deeply commit efforts to developing scholarship. As a case
study, the authors will restrict their examples to the area of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.

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