Virtual Laboratory of Infrastructures: Roads & Territory

Virtual Laboratory

The “Infrastructures Roads & Territory” laboratory is part of a task of creation of virtual laboratories started and developed successfully by the Marconi University in last years (Rinaldi, 2015; Martini, Fontana, 2015; Recchia, 2016; Bellone, 2014).

In particular, the idea behind the laboratory was born one year ago from extensive research on teaching methods effectiveness and from the multi-year experience of Marconi teachers and technicians in this field. Thanks to these analyses had come to light as there could be enhancement areas as part of interdisciplinary.

Therefore it came out, the need to provide students an educational moment in which he could use all didactic information learned during the courses as part of Civil Engineering degree.

The laboratory main goals are:

  • to provide a method of planning of a road infrastructure, starting from theoretical basis provided during Construction of Roads Railways and Airports course, adding technical and professional aspects, in order to provide a method that is both effective and strong
  • to give to the student an implementation moment to communicate the importance of interdisciplinary in road design and in civil engineering in general (Kaushik et al., 2010). This moment should be both a time of learning and of transition to a professional growth, through a moment of reflection in which the student could make choices independently and then check the outcomes

For this purpose was therefore chosen the topic of roads construction as the subject best suited to provide, in the design field, moments of reflection and application of interdisciplinary knowledge.

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