Online education and diversity scholarship: the center for workplace diversity research

flickr photo by Lantegi Batuak // shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license
flickr photo shared by Lantegi Batuak under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license

University of Phoenix has been consistently working on increasing high-quality scholarship among its faculty and doctoral students through its online education approach. Last year, the School of Advanced Studies, the school in charge of the doctoral programs, developed and implemented an innovative research center model. Nine research centers that investigate relevant research topics, and are in charge of developing solutions to real-world problems, were created in 2014 to streamline and support its academic community.

Among these nine centers, the Center for Workplace Diversity Research (CWDR) is the one developing research related to the diversity in the workplace and the development of a workforce that can successfully address challenges posed by an increasing globalized economy. CWDR has become a synergistic environment for scholarship, helping its affiliates to publish in peer-reviewed papers and deliver presentations at national and international conferences, in various areas of knowledge, including Business and Management, Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

This article will provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the framework developed by the center to address diversity in the workplace. It also highlights the main achievements in its first year of existence, and starts a reflective dialogue on how diversity impacts us all today.

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