Pedagogical preparation for instructors teaching blended courses

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Many universities are offering courses using an array of instructional and delivery methods that include traditional classroom, fully online, blended or hybrid courses, and webinar-style courses, among others, to meet the varying demands and needs of students. However, most universities provide faculty development to improve teaching in the traditional classroom or in the online classroom. There is a need for faculty development to improve and enhance the teaching of blended courses. This paper will discuss one university’s approach to adding faculty development designed to prepare faculty to design and teach effective blended courses. The university developed a multi-step process designed to 1) Introduce faculty to the terminology used in blended instruction (for example synchronous and asynchronous instruction); 2) Provide a structure for creating a syllabus for a blended course; and 3) Understand and create effective instructional activities for use in a blended course.

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